I am a St. Louis-based marketer and product manager with twelve years taking technology products from concept to market. I have introduced new products to the power industry, aesthetic surgery, network security, media production, and live event venues. 

As go-to-market strategist I work with companies to discover key problems buyers want to solve, define a market position, write product requirements, recruit channel partners, and manage the content mix. My most recent strategic experience is in automating the production of multi-camera live streams, selling high-end video systems, and syndicating to WebTV networks like Yahoo, Twitch, and DJ Mag's YouTube channel. 

I would love to get involved with HoloLens to apply mixed-reality technologies to enterprise problems. HoloLens is a head mounted, self contained computer, that lets you see 3D holographic images overlaid onto the real world. It just came out in August by Microsoft, and will forever change how we collaborate and interact.

Today I head sales for CircleHD. The first bottom-up enterprise video platform for employees and teams of any size. 

My only ambition is to market / sell products with impact, be a great dad, and make money to Scuba dive. If we share similar values, let's connect!

c.636.866.4001 | dougw30@gmail.com

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