visual workplace

The core of video is to communicate information, be tracked, and save time. No matter if you use video for team communications, sales enablement, or to train employees, CircleHD flexes to all major workflows so every employee can connect video to a situation faster.  


EGV in lean manufacturing. CEO Marc Braun

EGV in lean manufacturing. CEO Marc Braun

Employee Generated 

To compete with video you need every employee at anytime to make it direct from a computer or phone, record, upload, publish to a channel, and even post external, faster than it takes to capture live. 

So now when engineers trade information they can capture video of their screen, narrate a problem, and send a complete software question with all relevant details to solve a problem faster. No long email thread. No need to talk live. The receiver can watch on-the-fly and answer faster. 

You may work on the front-line. See an opportunity to fix waste. The policy is you have the autonomy to test your ideas. Just shoot a one-minute before & after video and it's played next morning at the company meeting. The workflows, including video must be lean. 

No matter the use-case, our product strategy is to eliminate friction in video. Secure. 

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Learn & Train 

Train people to where they can leave, but treat them so they want to stay. There is mastery in both teaching and replicating behavior in video. All the non verbals you cannot hide on-camera. 

Any instructor can post a lesson, assign the video to a group or individual, and track progress. Do the process in reverse. Train the trainer. Make it easy to binge learn. Post to a playlist in the same company TV app you use for all internal video. 

CircleHD makes it easier to participate and cross-train. Employees level-up faster. One secure corporate video community. 


CircleHD Pitch for Sales Enablement

Make video external, brand the page with a customer logo, capture video in a native mobile app, and share market information with other departments.

The new buyer is not a person but a group. There are stakeholders hidden from the sale. The new game is to win a room before you ever shake hands. That takes something to click into.

Video doesn't lie. So it sells. 


The Big Idea | by Doug Wulff, Sales 

The Big Idea | by Doug Wulff, Sales 

Why circleHD

There are 22 vendors of enterprise video platforms. Who have raised a collective $400 million dollars to serve enterprise and education markets.

What can displace #1 incumbents?

A fast follower. A technology aligned to how users adopt. Bottom-up like Slack. Secure as Amazon. Video fast as your brain wants it. Treat company video like a network. Employees self-actualize. Learn mastery. The game is for mindshare.

You already know this. Now you can get technology out of the way.