You want to know the health of your video community. There are key performance indicators to track growth and participation. Here are the stats we track and report on a weekly basis to admins and users in our stats dashboard. The only thing that matters is use. 

Video Community Healthcard KPIs

New Users -- new seat activated by login

New Uploads -- new video contributions

New Views -- the total number of videos viewed

Active Users -- the total number of users that logged in during a defined timeframe

Leaderboard -- gamified ranking of users based on likes, comments, and uploads. Gives weekly visibility to top performers. 

User Scorecard KPIs

Uploads -- total uploads by user

Views -- the number of video views by other users

View Time -- how long your video uploads were viewed by other users. Shows community engagement and influence. 

Completion Rate -- the percentage of video watched. Kinda shaky technology. 

Points -- the number of points accumulated for the leaderboard.